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* conf, tcp, udp: Allow address specification for forwarded portsStefano Brivio2022-05-011-2/+3
* treewide: Unchecked return value from library, CWE-252Stefano Brivio2022-04-071-4/+9
* tap, tcp, udp, icmp: Cut down on some oversized buffersStefano Brivio2022-03-291-2/+10
* treewide: Mark constant references as constStefano Brivio2022-03-291-7/+8
* treewide: Packet abstraction with mandatory boundary checksStefano Brivio2022-03-291-14/+14
* passt: Drop <linux/ipv6.h> include, carry own ipv6hdr and opt_hdr definitionsStefano Brivio2022-01-261-1/+0
* passt: Fix build with gcc 7, use std=c99, enable some more Clang checkersStefano Brivio2021-10-211-20/+22
* passt: Add clang-tidy Makefile target and test, take care of warningsStefano Brivio2021-10-201-2/+2
* tap: Completely de-serialise input message batchesStefano Brivio2021-09-271-7/+13
* icmp: Work around possible failure on bind() due to e.g. broken SELinux policyStefano Brivio2021-07-261-4/+14
* tap: Fill the IPv6 flow label field to represent flow associationStefano Brivio2021-07-261-2/+2
* passt: Add PASTA mode, major reworkStefano Brivio2021-07-171-59/+126
* icmp: Implement lazy bind for ping socketsStefano Brivio2021-05-211-2/+10
* icmp: Implement ping tracking based on echo identifiersStefano Brivio2021-05-211-24/+33
* icmp: Warn if "ping" socket can't be opened, don't failStefano Brivio2021-05-101-2/+16
* udp, passt: Introduce socket packet buffer, avoid getsockname() for UDPStefano Brivio2021-04-301-1/+3
* udp: Connection tracking for ephemeral, local ports, and related fixesStefano Brivio2021-04-291-4/+9
* passt: Spare some syscalls, add some optimisations from profilingStefano Brivio2021-04-231-0/+3
* passt: Introduce packet batching mechanismStefano Brivio2021-04-221-11/+20
* passt: Introduce ICMP echo proxyStefano Brivio2021-03-181-0/+136