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* Correctly handle --netns-only in pasta_start_ns()David Gibson2022-09-131-2/+2
* Clean up and rename conf_ns_open()David Gibson2022-09-133-71/+68
* Consolidate validation of pasta namespace optionsDavid Gibson2022-09-131-41/+42
* Move self-isolation code into a separate fileDavid Gibson2022-09-138-169/+189
* Safer handling if we can't open /proc/self/uid_mapDavid Gibson2022-09-131-2/+6
* Consolidate determination of UID/GID to run asDavid Gibson2022-09-133-59/+73
* Split checking for root from dropping root privilegeDavid Gibson2022-09-134-7/+33
* Don't store UID & GID persistently in the context structureDavid Gibson2022-09-134-15/+12